Rabu, 27 Juli 2016

Beautiful Nightmare

Today at 04:53 I woke up. I dream of 알 오빠 the one that I still have crush on since 2013.

this is the dream story..

I came in class and took a seat nearby door. Our class in still progress for rebuild, so there are many mechanical tools around me.

At few minutes later, 알 오빠 appear from outside, he greet everyone in this class, except me. Yeah, he doesn't greet me like he does for everyone else.

He never care about me, even in my personal dream and in real life. He sit down then, I look at him. But he doesn't look at me back.

Suddenly, I hear fire blast roughly repeatedly. And feel earthquake. Everyone scream, then get themselves out. Crowded. Noisy. Fear. I join myself into them.

I lost my way, people disappear, so does 알 오빠. I am alone in this building. This building will collapse for a moment. I fear and I run. No direction. I must be out now.

Suddenly fire sparks is get into my back. It hurts. I scream loudly. My tears is about to come out. I fall down. I think I will die soon.

But, it turns too feel warm. Someone protect me from back. He got me out. And I realize, he is 알 오빠. He hugs me for long time. I smile at the moment. He save my life.

He hugs me for loooongg time. Until I wake up this morning.

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