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Dream Puzzles

Last night.

My assignment project is failed. I sigh.  It's not that bad actually. Maybe I can get 90 for scoring. As a perfectionnist woman, I throw out this project intentionally. I had to restart this. I still have 3 days. I think I can do it.

My cellphone rings. I pick up. Then I sigh over and over again.

Bad luck for me. My friends told me deadline is change. It's tomorrow. Suddenly, I feel too tired to finish this. Must say goodbye for assignment instead stuck in distress.

I went to bar and surprisingly met two stranges there. Not that strange to be honest. I know these persons. But I wondering, do they know me?

They ask me to join them. I say "yes, why not?" We spend all night with singing along together like old friends. Don't care about others. I choose the song "I" that release today. 

I feel like Dejavu. Maybe this song is reflection of what happened to me not long time ago.  I remember when the girl in MV feel depressed about her job then decide to quit. She throw out her work uniform in front of her boss then take over the car-key. And last she say "BYE!" 

Feel so relieved after spending voice and screaming like crazy with them. I'm satisfied. My life is so beauty. It's true. I don't need to stress. Just be happy. I throw my body on sofa. Then make conversation with one of "friends"

Me : How about your album?

X : why do you ask for that? 

Me : Just want to know. It must be still in progress, isn't it? Do you know Taeyeon has lots of love for "I"

X : Oh. Really?

Me : Yeah. I anticipate for your turn.

It's simple conversation but meaningful for me. I never meet them even once in reality. You guess wrong if you think I speak about Kyuhyun or other suju member, but they're Tiffany and Taeyeon. I still can believe they find me now. 

That X is Tiffany .I just speak with her and honestly her face just like so annoying. I'm about to punch her face, but this eonni is so cute. kkk~ I'm happy when I can comfortably talk with them. I don't feel awkward even it's first time meet them. Oh wait~ may be, I'm Seohyun now? I don't know. I must take a look at mirror. But there's no mirror there.


These they are~ don't ask why I post about this. kkk~ (I'm not locksmith)


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