Senin, 31 Agustus 2015

Don't Go.. :(

I dream about you last night. I asked you to stay, but you refused. You're in hurried. It looks like you want to go somewhere.

Indeed, you're going to go somewhere. Different places that bounds you afterwards.

There's sadness in your eyes. I can see it. Even though you always comfort us, saying "Don't worry, it's not for long time", it remains hurting, you know?

I keep pretending not to cry, but can't. I want to say " Don't go", but it unless. It doesn't change anything. You still have to go.

It's been two times, my eyes got teary. I cry more than you, I feel sad more than you, I feel pain more than you.. if you want to know.

For now, let you go is so hard. I hope my heart get better, as days pass by.

Others can't replace you in my heart. You're the only one reason to me to wait..

my dear, eunsihae..

4 komentar:

  1. Dont worry,
    i'm here. I'm not going anywhere #eaaaaa

    1. Dp-nya lucu, yoong. kkk~
      Kamu mah kalo mau pergi, pergi aja. Paling perginya cuma ke warung beli sampo kan?

    2. Lucu ples imut yak? Hahahahah

      ih jangan salah loh, aku kan punya motto "my trip my adventure" , kemana aja hayuuuukkkk... ke hatimu juga oke2 aja sih. Asal di buka aja itu portalannya hahahaha

    3. Males deh kalo ngomongin hati. Kan aku udah bilang kita temenan aja.. ?