Jumat, 15 Mei 2015

Perhaps you

I love to see you in sunset.

I love to see you when sun shining on your milky skin.

I love your smile..

Your eyes.

I love to hear you singing.

Your warmth voice.

You're like ace to me.

But, you're too far... :(

If only can meet you directly, I must be happiest person in this world.

Maybe no, I'm too shy, I will hide myself.

Because I'm afraid, if I appear, it'll bears you.

Even I know, there are so many question in my head about you. But I must keep it in my mind.

I don't want to make you burdensome.

My seoul Love, I'm whipering. I'm crying.

Sometimes I want to make plane. I dreaming of personal Jet. I want to go and strolling Seoul.

As time goes by, I thinking it must be tiring. Because I don't have money.

That's all.

*Gaje? Emang. Lagi susah move on part 2*

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