Jumat, 17 Oktober 2014

About Sungmin marriage..

Honestly I won't give my apinion about this. I'm lazy to talk about Sungmin for now. But I must, I don't know why. I feel confused, too much article opinion, pro, contradiction make me think... Ahh~ how can I conclude this?

Many people especially ELF, judge him as bastard, trash, betrayal and whatever bad word that come from their mouth. They said Sungmin is too stubborn and careless. He doesn't think well. He just go with hisself desire. Not to think of members, ELF, even his parents. He treasures saeun too much, even he give her present from ELF to her. He act as if he didn't need fans even more.

I don't think I must believe everything that I've been read. It's not because he is my 2nd bias. I just wondering why I must believe all these statement which are not truly right?

But in other side, I can't deny that too. The're K-ELF. They do know everything that are international ELF doesn't. May be they want to be open-minded and don't want to be hypocrite. They hate Sungmin, and they do! Even they make #SungminOut trend in twitter. My heart suddenly feels.. T___T

Indonesian pumpkiners also done with him. They leave everything about him and doesn't care for him anymore. They throw out Sungmin stuff, burn his poster, scratch his photo.. its okay. I'll let them. I think we have different way to express anger, We are all feel dejected but only yourself know how to rekindle.

Whatever they said, I'll treat him like a usual Sungmin. I still hope for him to stay. I just want to see, hear and speak like "I still here" toward him as Sungmin who can sing and dance well, Sungmin who has ability in martial art, Sungmin who rarely showing his image , Sungmin the king of aegyo. 

He isn't type of indecisive. After long time he hide his feeling.... he burst it out finally like a bomb. kkkkk~ ^^ make ELF arround the world shocked!

At least, congratulation for your marriage oppa. Hope your relationship is everlasting. Hope you're always full with happiness. We are all still waiting for your comeback for repackaged album "This is love" with others.

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