Selasa, 30 September 2014

For Maomao unnie T.T

I can't control not to cry while hear Jessica part of geudaereul bureumnyeon (tears).

I don't know why, I just hope tomorrow she will say "I'm joking guys. I'm still part of soshi. Our relationship is divine and indestructible. Love you. I'm sorry for make you're all worried"

I even can't imagine how can I hear soshi song next time without your parts, unnie.

Dear maomao, I'm sorry for not pay attention for you more.

We'll respect for your decison, without force you to stay with us. Thanks for being with us till 7 years.

We hoping all the best for you in many times ahead. Please be happy as always. Because your happiness is our happiness. I even doesn't care anymore about one true nine.

Geudaereul boreumyon geudaereul chajeumyon
When i call you, when i look for you

Barami dweyoso naegyote wajwoyo
Come to me as the wind

Amudo moreuge ana juseyo
Hug me in secret

Naega geudaereul neukkil suitdorok
So i can feel you

Geudaen geurohke onjena nae gyote
You are always next to me

PS : I'm not their real sone. But I have deep feelings for them. Like special emotions. Forgive me for not to make proper hearts. Saranghae ice princess unnie. T.T

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