Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014


Don't read. Especially when you're in bad mood. Just close your tab, or move to other post.

I just need to healing my brain through this post...

I'm in anger right now. I don't really want to write so much. I just want to yell that I'm dissapointed with that lecturer. How can he give me that bad score, while a bunch of people that I think don't deserve, get better than me. What the earth is this??!

Oppa must be get A or B. I don't need to wonder. Besides his cleverness.. oh no.. it's close to cowardly, he also dishonest. And that classmates, I must ask them what's the meaning of friendship. They are all hurt me so much.

How can I just one person who must retake the class..!! It's so annoying. I don't say, I feel guilty cause I didn't make a cheat like everyone do. But I hate when people get what they want with dishonest way.

I hate that lecturer. He doesn't see the potential student clearly. He just hate me, like I hate him now. Unfortunately, I must see him in next semester. Oh geez..

I hate them all too. Them who are take the wrong path. I don't think they are respectable. T___T

Sorry.. may be I'm wrong. I have to tolerate their rights to make a cheat sheet, even it looks unfair. Because I live in unfair world. May be the world are laughing at me right now..

With dissapointment..


PS : I must be happy since SJM performance in Indonesia this saturday. But they are knocked me down..

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