Kamis, 26 April 2012

Letter for you, Gaemgyu ^_^


Good morning, my lovely Gaem규

How are you today?

How was your preparation for concert that'll be held in my lovely country? Hehe. Hmm, honestly I'm little bit confused, Kyu. Even I didn't know what I gonna to write?

Yeah. Today you'll be here to follow your hyung's that was already came in Jakarta, yesterday. Just want to pray for you, hopefully you were given any salvation by God. Aamiin

I would like to acknowledge something, Kyu. I'm as "Sparkyu and ELF" once the love you and your hyungs, can't come to your Super Show tommorow night. I've been said all this everytime, I know, Kekeke. I'm sorry, obviously sorry. :')

I was fulled your twitter with any not interesting mentions. It's irritating, right? It's uncomfortable. right? Kekeke~ forgive me, please be understand. That's how much I regret cause I coudn't get SS4 ticket.

Kyu, did you know?

This morning, I read Suju's article in my facebook inbox. My friend have been sent it for me a short time ago. That article was about your successful as a big star and four achievement for your effort. It tells detailed too.

There is one word interested me. The word of Ryeowook ssi, it was like "We're beginning to think 80% of audience will be empty at the time, we are afraid" while you're all held a concert in paris.

I read parts of it, then I felt like to give you are all a..... shouting? or Compliment? Praise? Such a word that can realize you that you're a big star!! Ahhh~ babonikka. I dunno..

Either way, I want to say "Hey dear~ you don't need to be afraid! You're superstar. Don't keep humble your self like that, you know?"

Speechless then..

Yeah, there is no one big star like you. I love you more. Then I read it moreover. Ryeowook ssi continue was like "Once we got on the elevator, we saw the audience has been filled the sapphire blue ocean. We're thrilled at this time"


Then, I foolishly cried.

It should be me for smiling or happy. Oh~ it just embarrasing. I cry hard as if I've been know you for long time. I must realize, I'm new ELF. I'm not supposed to cry seen you successful. I don't have to let my tears overflowing.

It's hard. But..

Who the heck am I! Just a seasonal fans (?) who may leave you all later while you all not shining again. It's possible I ain't your fans anymore. Just like some idols before you all. Bagus, Dikta, Kim Bum, Justin Bieber. And nowadays? I don't care anything about them. I'm getting sick of them! Tired! Bored!

I am bad person, right?

But for now, I didn't want to rewind it over and over again. Seriously, I want to be true fans. I wish I could make you and your hyung not like my idol before.

I want to support all of your choice, to pray you every night, to download your songs in official site, and if any chance... I want to buy your original album and come to there..

There.. Super Show.

But not now..

Either way, I want to continue loving you, till the end. Till I not be able to breath again. I want to be real ELF!

Okay, it's for last.. actually I can't stop talking about you all ._.

Be careful. Have a safe flight. Give the best tommorow night. ^_^

May be, no one can't stop my tears. I'll cry hard along night :'D

Hehe, didn't mean it. I'm sorry.

I'll follow your concert via timeline twitter. See you soon. :')

From the one who love you


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