Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013

[Real] Moments with my Kyu kkkk~

The text bellow are the reality. ^^

Through twitter update, I can feel it. The moments while I feel so close with Kyuhyunnie. May be it's exagerrating but I keep believe it's called fanservice since I begin to love him. Kekeke~

1. The first moment, it was a long time ago. I forgot what the date it was. At the moment, I tweeting I'm sick. And tomorrow Kyuhyun also tweeted hangul. And his tweet means his body feeling unwell today. Similar meaning with my tweet one day ago.

Honestly, it was made me happy. As we know, he is rarely using twitter. It's about to never tweeting, it's make his account full of dust. Kekekek. Fine, it's exaggerating.

So, once he tweeting and it has the same contents with me, I started think to connect it with something else. Like, he read my tweet, could be?

It looks like a made-up mind indeed. I also believe it was purely an accident. In fact he didn't follow me, how could he read my timeline?

But, that momentum was enough to make me smile along day. How crazy. ><

2. The second moment, not long ago. When a member of Soshi, the famous aegyo, first make twitter account, Sunny. Me as sone (side-fandom when I getting tired of being an elf) began to follow her twitter and mention her several times. Just a welcome phrase and commend her self-camera.

Then the next day, the owner of gaemgyu, Kyuhyun do the same thing that I did one day before. Following Sunny's twitter.

Again, it makes me happy. But then, I could control myself again not to jump-stepping on the my bed like crazy one. I assume that Sunny got a twitter has a news. And not likely for Cho Kyuhyun read my timeline.

Because, he didn't follow me.

3. The third moment, let's flashback. It purposely put in the end because this is the most powerful moment compare the two moments above earlier.

One time, I mentioned him to attempt tweeting in English. At that time I was a little lackluster to see his twitter contains korean, chinese, japan, thai none of latin. So he should realized that he had been go international, he has fans in the entire world.

You know what happened then? ^^

The next day, he actually tweeting in English!

Actually, his tweet has been deleted. I don't know why. But in my TL still exist. ^_^

Yeah, I think it is a true miracle! Ought to be thankful! Then I thanked to God many times. My tears flowed profusely. It's hyperbolic, isn't it? ^^

Did he read my mention?

I remember that time he tweeted a warning to all international fans who plan to go to korea to cancel their departure while because there was a rainstorm. And he use the English! exactly what I want from him one day in advance.

And on that day I establish myself to be Kyuhyun fan more than before. ^^

4. The last one is moment with Kyuhyun father. I know this is even not include, but whats wrong? As long as is connected to Kyuhyun, I'll write it. Kekeke. It's been two years I had conversation with Kyuhyun father in facebook. Real account! I even can remember clearly how can I be friend in facebook with him.

So, first I was a follower in his account. I can't ask friend request anyway, because of full. One day, he posted a photo of.. 'what is it'.. I forgot. Then I make first comment, just simple comment.. Love symbol. A minute passed, I checked notification, there's a friend request from him!! I hit the confirm button as quick as I can. I think I will cry. It's like dream come true!!

What suprising me was he messaged me, not long time after we being friends! He said he miss ELF Indonesia, especially Bekasi in hangul. How could he know, I'm from Bekasi??? I cry so hard that night kekeke. Feel ashamed, but I thankful. So, I replied with hangul, I do my best to type, help with mr. google.

I said, "I miss you to father. It's pleasure to see you come to Indonesia. I will wait that day comes". He replied again "I will wait too". Then I replied, "Take care of yourself". And the word that just come after that is "last seen". He didn't reply anymore

Last time I message him is I congratulate of his daughter wedding. But as I thought, no replies but last seen. kekeke. But I still happy.

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