Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013

Nothing Better than Kyu~

Nothing better than you..

I remember you that day. Looking at your sweet loving face. And my wounded broken heart has found it's healing through your embrace. It was never the same me with you in my heart to love.

I forgotten the days gone by leaving the past mistakes behind. As I hold your hand so tight. I just never could wish for more. It was never the same me with you all I'm wishing for.

And if all of the memories spent with you seem we're all but simply a dream. I would rather not wake up and stay forever dreaming away.

I would wish for nothing else but you and pray for you to remain this way..

Nothing better, Nothing better than you.


He is wide known with evil image

But there is a silent Kyuhyun.

Gentle, quite, thoughtful, take care of everyone

And specially there is a great singer named Kyuhyun.

With the voice that melts everyone's heart.

He always sing emotional with all his heart.

That's why I love him~

Please smile brightly when you're happy.

Always be michiveous like you are.

Just cry out loud when you feel hurt.

I love you, because you're you, Cho Kyuhyun!

Whatever you are, you're always shining.

Nothing better than you. You're the precious Kyuhyun that I love.


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