Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Kyuhyun.. My boyfriend (?)

Fiksi yang aku buat 4 juni 2012 yang lalu, aku share disini. English "acak-acakan' subtitle. Be aware~

Me : #speak to sajangnim# I even not already yet to finish my desire, please give me a chance jinjja, I really want to looking Kyuhyun pict's more more more. Did you know how much I really love his cuteness??

Sajangnim : ........ #doesn't care#

Kyu : #suddenly appear beside me# Hmmm..

Me : #still speak to sajangnim# I have to dispose IAM showcase, but? should I dispose Kyu's pict's too? C'mon, let me for delicacing his picture, just his image can makes my feel fly to the sky ..

Kyu : Ah~ my popularity #shakes his head#

Sajangnim : #still doesn't care#

Me : Jebal, Sajangnim :3 *doing aegyo even I hate this*

Sajangnim : No! Big No!

Me : Jinjja~

*Actually I really punch his face, kick his ass and yelling at him*


Me : #stare at Kyu# Kyu, I can't even speak more about you, you're too perfect, too lovable, too dorky, too smart, too cute

Kyu : Ne, people are already knows

Me : I want you so bad, allow me to sing a song for you. I shall do this to show how big these love for you, please hear and listen!

Kyu : Of course, but could you warrant your voice is legal to be heared?

Me : what do you mean? -___-

Kyu : your voice might be ruined my sense of hear

Me : Yaa~ I know your vocal is beast of the beast, but you should know my vocal is not really bad!

Kyu : Beast?!! Beast?!! Truly this is best, pabo~

Me : ..... #crying# *evil! you are more pabo than me!*

Kyu : Hahaha~ I'm kidding baby, ok just do it

Me : Why are you keep teasing me?

Kyu : Aish~ you don't need pouting like that, can u make this faster?

Me : But I need a few minutes to take a deep breath, I'm too nervous too show this things for you, just wait

Kyu : Jinjja~

(2 minutes later)

Kyu : Have you ready?

Me : Hmm, hold on ...

(5 minutes later)

Kyu : Can we start now?

Me : Errr, changkaman

(10 minutes later)

Kyu : #Glare at me#

Me : Hmm, gidariya~

Kyu : Ahh~ I can't believe, I must waste my time with something like this

Me : Something like what?

Kyu : Something like you

Me : Yaa~ I am someone! Not something!! #pretend to be angry# *actually I can't take anger for him, he is too innocent too be angried* jja! I think I ready

Kyu : #nods#

Me : I will sing "lovely day" for you

Kyu : #nods again# *Jinjja! he is damned cute!*

Me : #start singing#I wanna hold your hands ..

Hae : everytime I thinking about you *suddenly appear in my back*

Me : *eh? eonje buteo fishy stay here?*

Kyu : Chi~! Continue! Let him alone

Hae : Yeah, continue sweety, I'll accompany your song

Me : I wanna kiss to your lips, I wanna fall in love with you, must be beautiful lovely day ..

Hae : Daebakk! #standing applause#

Me : Gamsahamnida ^^

Kyu : .........

Me : How was it, Kyu?

Kyu : *Sigh* You need a trainer, your vocal is standard, very low! You should know, bicycle ring is better than you, even though is very disturbing

Hae : Hey, her vocal is amazing, she must be hmmmpph hmmphh *Kyu grasp his mouth*

Kyu : Let's back to our dorm #pull Donghae's hand#

Hae : Chi~! Believe me, your vocal is great!

Kyu : Can you believe for playboy like Donghae?

Hae : Ani, I'm serious! Just let Lee Soman ahjussi hear your voice, He might be interest on it

Kyu : Aish! Kajja, go to dorm!

Hae : Chirokyu~! I'm on you! You are daebakk!

Me : .....

Kyu : #run to me# Hey, anyway thanks for wasting my time for something bad like this!

(Then, they are abandoned me)


The End

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